What Does an Appraisal Cost

What Does an Appraisal Cost

We charge on a time basis so it is difficult without viewing the item/s to give an accurate quote, it costs nothing to discuss and obtain a quote.
As a general rule: The cost can be as low as $60 to $70 for a simple ‘Non-Gem set’ item, but could be higher, on a more involved time-consuming piece.
As a guide only, an average ‘standard’ gem set appraisal can cost approx. $120 to $130.

Watches cost more, – up to $150. This is because the research required to appraise watches is very time-consuming as there are so many copies and fakes on the market which are increasingly difficult to spot.

Remember, we will give a no-obligation quote to give you a more accurate price if you require it.

Sometimes, an item is of a type, that may require two experienced gemologists to confer to confirm grades, values etc. and this will obviously be at a higher cost.

AGL Diamond and Coloured Stone report cost between $65 & $95 depending on the size of the gem, and if a value is required, between $85 & $120.
Again, the figures listed here are only a ‘Guide’, to give an accurate estimate to carry out an appraisal for you (Estimate is at no charge), we need to see the items, so we may assess the time it may take. Just call and make an appointment.

If you require an ‘Urgent’ (less than 2 working days) or a ‘While you Wait’ service it, this must be “By Appointment”.

This service may cost more, as other work in progress will need to be put aside.

If Items need to be ‘Couriered’ either way, there will be extra charges.

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